Terms And Conditions

Effective From 1 June 2018

1 Definitions

Terms such as “Us”, “We”, “Our” etc refer to G & D Young

Terms such as “You” etc refer to any client or prospective client of G & D Young

2 Deposits

We may ask you for a deposit which is payable before we start development work.

If we are unable to deliver you a service as per your requirements due to circumstances outside of our control, then the deposit will be refunded.

If we are unable to deliver you a service due to unrealistic, undeliverable or excessive demands by you, then the deposit is not refundable. We believe in a spirit of co-operation but we have found that some business owners can be very difficult in agreeing realistic requirements.

If you change your mind and no longer wish us to deliver a service after we have completed over 25% of the work, then no refund is payable.

3 CHUMS Package

CHUMS is our fully managed service. It includes:

  • Complete Site Backups on a regular basis
  • Hosting on reliable UK servers
  • Updates to text and images that do not affect the general layout or structure of the website
  • Maintenance – we keep all the back-end software up to date
  • Security – we keep on top of security and monitor for any signs of hacker activity for you

We will generally request that you take out the CHUMS package when we do a website design for you as this means that we take ensure a maximum level of security

4 Payments

We will email you a link to your invoice. This may be paid online via PayPal (you don’t need a PayPal account to pay using PayPal) or by direct Bank Transfer.

Full payment must be received by the Due Date.

Sorry, but we no longer accept cheques.

5 Cancellations And Refunds

If you cancel a website design service within 7 days of giving approval to proceed, then we will refund any deposit paid. If you cancel after 7 days, then the deposit is not refundable.

If you pay for a CHUMS package monthly and cancel, no refund of payments made will be due.

If you pay for a CHUMS package annually and cancel part way through a year, then we will refund for the full calender months that were unused. For example, if the CHUMS package starts on 14 January and you cancel in August, then you will have used the package for part of January, all of each month from February to July and part of August. So you are due a refund on September, October, November and December, which is 4 months. You will therefore be refunded one third (4/12) of the annual package.

6 Transfers

We do not make any charge to transfer an existing HTML or WordPress website over to our hosting servers.

For sites other than HTML or WordPress, we would design a replacement website for you as part of the package.

All websites we build use software that is licensed to us. Therefore transfer to another host will not work. If you decide to transfer your website to another host provider, then you should factor in the cost of a website rebuild on your new platform.

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