The Playmakers Website as at November 2014

The Playmakers are an Amateur Dramatic group based in Mytchett, near Camberley. They urgently needed a website in March 2013 when their previous site was taken down. We built a site using a Rapid Development Tool and had a site up and running with basic info, which we then gradually expanded.

We helped the group to set up a Mailchimp account and use Ticket Source for online ticket sales. By integrating Mailchimp and Ticket Source, the group were able to build a decent size of email list within a short time, which helps boost ticket sales as direct emails to past customers yield excellent response rates.

We continue to look after the groups website, suggesting area’s for development, updating content and carrying out routine maintenance.

Some feedback we obtained was :

The new website is clean, functional and easy to navigate through

Very pleased with the colouring and clarity of this website. We have clear links to the areas we need to get to and the graphics are clear and eyecatching

Website is clean, fresh and easy to navigate. I’ve never seen any broken links and overall I really like the design and user-friendliness.

Very pleased with the clarity and colouring of this website. We have clear links to the areas that we need to go to and the graphics are tidy and eye catching.