Is Your Website Mobile Friendly Enough For Google?

The mobile revolution might have come in with a whisper instead of the anticipated bang, but one thing is for sure, there is no denying its presence. For any entity looking to stay competitive in today’s market, having a mobile website is a necessity. Not only that, integrating sound mobile website marketing strategies into your sales campaigns is a must considering that up to 60% of all consumers use mobile devices to make purchases.

Users love mobile friendly sites like the one shown, which we created for Staffordshire Bathrooms. No need to zoom in to read it. Nice clear buttons to tap rather than fiddly hyperlinks that are hard to tap with large fingers. Call the business with a simple tap of the “Call Us” button. You can even combine the power of location finding in the smartphone with Google Maps to provide the user with accurate directions from wherever they are right to your door, without them having to enter Postcodes or addresses.

Google loves them too and has started highlighting mobile friendly sites in their Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). When a user does a local search from a mobile device, Google will rank sites that are mobile friendly above similar sites that Google deem are not mobile friendly – see below to check if you would pass the “Google Tests”.

Test 1

Is your software compatible with mobile devices? In other words, do you have Flash on your website? If so, get it off – Flash and mobile devices clash something horrible. If you want to keep your desktop site with Flash, you’ll need a dedicated mobile site.

Test 2

Is all of your website’s text readable on any sized screen without the need to zoom in or out? Mobile-friendly sites require little to no adjusting by the user, so if your text isn’t displaying correctly, you are going to need to update your site for mobile.

Test 3

Does the content on your mobile website naturally and automatically conform to fit any screen size that is viewing it? This means zero scrolling or zooming to see your content, be it text, video, pictures, graphics or anything else.

Test 4

Are the links on your mobile website spaced properly? This means that users can tap on links and click on navigation buttons without going to the wrong page.

A Typical Good Mobile Site